Starfield Companions And Crew Members

It is a lonely thing to explore the galaxy by yourself. This is where the Companions and Crew Members come into play in Starfield. From tending to your ship to helping you in a difficult situation, they play a vital role in the game.

The success of every journey depends on your crew members and companions and how well you understand them and how they interact with each other. Starfield offers multiple companions and crew members that you can find and recruit to your side during their journey. You also get some crew members, who stay on your ship and take care of it during your travels and fights.

Although the game is still in early access, there are some confirmed companions that players can get in Starfield. Let us look at all of them, how to recruit them and what are their expertise.

Who are the Companions and Crew Members in Starfield

Sarah MorganThe Old NeighborhoodAstrodynamics – 4 Star Laser – 3 Star Leadership – 2 Star Botany 1 StarConstellation
BarrettBack to VecteraStarship Engineering – 4 Star Particle Beam Weapon Systems – 3 Star Robotics – 2 Star Gastronomy – 1 StarConstellation
Sam CoeThe Empty NestPiloting – 4 Star Rifle Certification – 3 Star Payloads – 2 Star Geology – 1 StarConstellation
AndrejaInto the UnknownStealth – 4 Star Particle Beam – 3 Star Energy Weapon Systems – 2 Star Theft – 1 StarConstellation
LinBack to VecteraDemolitions – 1 Star Outpost Management – 3 StarCrew Member
VascoOne Small StepAneutronic Fusion – 1 Star Shield Systems – 1 Star EM Weapon Systems – 1 StarCrew Member
HellerBack to VecteraGeology – 1 Star Outpost Engineering – 3 StarCrew Member
Marika BorosThe ViewportShotgun Certification – 1 Star Ballistics – 2 Star Particle Beam Weapon Systems – 1 StarNew Atlantis
Gideon AkerThe ViewportBallistic Weapon System – 1 Star Missile Weapon Systems – 1 StarNew Atlantis
Simeon BankowskiThe ViewportSharpshooting – 1 Star Sniper Certification – 2 Star Marksmanship – 1 StarNew Atlantis
Rosie TannehillThe Hitching PostMedicine – 1 Star Wellness – 1 StarAkila
Omari Hassan Shield Systems – 1 Star Starship Engineering – 1 StarAkila
Mickey CaviarAstral LoungeGastronomy – 1 Star Wellness – 2 Star Incapacitation – 1 StarNeon  
Adoring FanAcquire Hero Worshipped TraitWeightlifting – 2 Star Concealment – 1 Star Scavenging – 1 Star

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