How to Use Grenades in Starfield 

Grenades are awesome weapons in Starfield that can damage multiple enemies in one throw. Using them is a bit different than your other weapons since they use a different button.

Starfield offers the players a wide arsenal of weapons to dispose of their enemies. From Laser Weapons and Rifles to Heavy Weapons and even Grenades; the possibilities are endless. Sometimes, you will encounter enemies bunched up close to each other. The best thing to take them out will be grenades in Starfield. 

Grenades are throwable explosives that have a countdown timer. Once the timer runs down, they explode and damage and, possibly kill, anyone within its damage radius. There are several different grenades in Starfield. These include cryo-grenades that freeze your enemies and ballistic grenades that deal explosive damage.

How to Throw Grenades in Starfield? 

In Starfield, grenades can be bought from gun shops found on the many planets and systems you visit. Alternatively, you can loot them from enemy outposts or even pickpocket them. However, the last option runs the risk of hostility.

Using grenades is an entirely different proposition when compared to your standard guns and melee weapons. Grenades are used and thrown by pressing a different button. To throw grenades in Starfield, you need to follow certain steps.  

First, open up your inventory by first opening up your menu. Use the TAB key on PC, and the Menu button on Xbox Series X/S. Next, scroll through your inventory until you find a grenade you want to use. Select the grenade by left-clicking on PC, and pressing A on Xbox. You should have your grenade equipped now.  

When in combat simply press the G key on the PC, and the right trigger (RT) on the Xbox to throw the grenade. To use mines, follow the same procedure. Grenades tend to have a large area of effect so make sure you stand clear of the blast radius. Otherwise, you will take damage as well.


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