Who Is The Mysterious Captain In Starfield?

The identity of the Mysterious Captain in Starfield is one of the many mysteries of the game. She is a trader that has one of the best inventories.

While playing Starfield, you will run into many mysterious characters, including the ‘Mysterious Captain’. The Mysterious Captain will be a non-hostile NPC, meaning he will not mean you any harm. He is just looking to have a pleasant conversation with you.

He is part of the random encounters that can happen in the game. There is no order to these encounters and can pop up randomly while you are out exploring the cosmos.

Starfield Mysterious Captain explained

The Mysterious Captain will randomly appear when you use your Grav Drive in Starfield to jump to different systems. There is no particular time or place for her arrival. So it is hard to tell where you will encounter them. But they do appear in every single playthrough.

The Mysterious Captain will appear as soon as you jump into a system. As you talk with them, you will realize that they are Starborn. They have the same powers as you and have had the same journey as you.

At this point, they have decided to retire their Starborn ways and settle down as a trader. Once you initiate a conversation with her she will tell you that she prefers to watch things from the sidelines.

At first, this will not make sense, but it will click once you end the game. Once you reach the unity and unlock the NG+, you will discover all about Starborn and how the Mysterious Captain fits into the whole thing.


What does the Mysterious Captain do in Starfield?

In Starfield, the Mysterious Captain is a Starborn, the same as you. But instead of repeatedly going through a cycle of violence, she has decided to settle down as a trader. She has one of Starfield’s best, if not the best, inventories. She has access to the most powerful weapons and armor in the game.

You must wait to browse from her inventory until she randomly appears and converses with you. After that, she will tell you that she caters to all Starborn and is a unique trader. Then, you can browse her inventory and buy stuff from her.

But beware, as you can only do this once per run. You may run into her twice in a playthrough if you are lucky. Therefore, it is best to save your credits until you encounter her. If you are short on money, you can easily farm credits in Starfield. Here is a small list of some of the best items she has:

Legendary HeavyThe Legendary Particle Beam RifleRare RifleUnique Material
Frenzy Calliber NegociaterDemoriling Calibrated Va’ruun InflictorAvatarAldumite
Last BreathVytinum
Mysterious captain items for sale in Starfield

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