How to get a Grappler in LEGO Fortnite

A Grappler is the perfect tool to help reach those high spots around the map, hiding essential materials like Rough Amber. It’ll take some upgrades to get it, and here’s how! How to craft a Grappler in LEGO Fortnite A Grappler is a Rare item listed under the Equipment tab, symbolized by the torch icon, […]

All Village level requirements in LEGO Fortnite

It’s crucial to upgrade your Village to increase its level and also earn some worthwhile rewards. However, each upgrade will have various requirements to meet, so here’s how to complete them! All LEGO Fortnite Village upgrade requirements You can upgrade your Village within the Village Square utility under the Upgrade Village tab. Doing so will […]

How to make Silk and Wool Fabric in LEGO Fortnite

Figuring out the crafting recipes in LEGO Fortnite can be pretty difficult, especially if they require multiple different Stations, like Silk and Wool Fabric. Here are all the details on how to make it. How to craft Fabric in LEGO Fortnite There are various types of Fabric that can be made, each utilizing different materials: […]

Where to find Rough Amber in Lego Fortnite (Map Location)

You’ll need suitable materials to start crafting all the items you’ll need for survival. Rough Amber is an essential material to have, but it can only be found in certain areas. Here’s where to find it! Rough Amber location in LEGO Fortnite Like most special materials, Rough Amber will take some tracking down. However, you’ll […]