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He's not as sweet as he sounds.

Haze Piece has to be up there with some of the best anime games on Roblox, thanks to its frequent content updates that keep the experience fresh for new and veteran players alike.

With The Dough update to Haze Piece, we got three additional islands, and one, in particular, holds the superboss, the Dough Boss. This boss takes a bit of a process to spawn but can also drop some worthwhile loot. Here are all the details below.

Haze Piece Dough Boss Guide

The Dough Boss is located in a secret location, the Mirror World, which can only be accessed through the magic mirror portal on Dough Island. However, to do this, you'll need to first off, have access to the Second Sea where Dough Island is, and preferably be around level 3300-3500.

Opening the portal to the Mirror World will require the following items:

  • Mirror Fragment x1
  • Doughnuts x10

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How to get a Mirror Fragment in Haze Piece

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To get the items you need, first head to Cake Island, where you'll need to grind the Soul Boss to obtain the Mirror Fragment. You can do this by accepting the island quest for extra money or just heading up to the top of the hill and fighting her without. This could take some time since this is based on a random chance drop, but keep trying, and you'll eventually get it.

How to get Doughnuts in Haze Piece

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After collecting a Mirror Fragment, you'll also need some doughnuts. Doughnuts can be collected by a 1% drop chance from every NPC enemy around Peanut Island, Cake Island,and Dough Island. The best way to do it is to find some enemies on one of the three islands of your choice and keep farming them until you get all the doughnuts you need, which should be ten.

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How to get to Mirror World in Haze Piece

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Now that you have everything you need, head to Dough Island and locate the NPC, Syn. He should be standing near the giant mirror in the area. He will ask you to hand over the items, and in turn, will activate the mirror portal behind him, allowing you to interact and teleport to the Mirror World.

How to summon Dough Boss in Haze Piece

Now that you're in Mirror World, this is where you can summon and fight the Dough Boss. However, it will cost you a few more materials. Speak to the NPC there, Spex, and he will charge you 50 Gems each time to spawn in the boss. There is a two-hour cooldown on spawns as well, meaning to farm this boss, you'll need to have some friends summon or wait for other online players to do so.

Dough Boss Drops

Here's a look at all the potential drops you could get from defeating the Dough Boss. Keep in mind these are all up to random chance, and may take several attempts to collect:

  • Dough Scarf (10% chance)
  • Dough Trident (50% chance)
  • 5,000 Bounty
  • 25 Gems

Keep farming the boss to get the items you want. Unfortunately, server hopping will not affect the cooldown time, so try and bring some friends along to help summon, or make some new friends with online players and hop into the fight with them.

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How to spawn the Dough Boss in Haze Piece – Roblox

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