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Meghan Markle 'felt she had more of a right to speak' than Kate Middleton because she was

The Duchess of Sussex, 42, was allegedly uneasy with the Prince and Princess of Wales being the superior royals in the palace hierarchy when she joined the Royal Family. This was particularly the case during a Royal Foundation Forum in February 2018, a source said, where it was claimed the tension between the 'Fab Four' was 'palpable'. Meghan, who is married to Prince Harry, felt 'she was a self-made woman whereas Kate hadn't really had her own career', an insider told The Telegraph. The source said: 'She seemed to feel like she had more of a right to speak than her sister-in-law, who had married into the family as an unknown whereas Meghan regarded herself as a philanthropist who could teach the royals a thing or two about charity.'

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I saw ten Hamas terrorists beat and gang-rape an Israeli woman before shooting her dead on

A survivor of the October 7 massacre has told of the unfathomable atrocities he witnessed on the dreaded day as Hamas terrorists raped, tortured and killed young, innocent women. Yoni Saadon, 39, who survived the Supernova festival by hiding under dead bodies, now wakes at night in anguish to the faces of the fallen women. One image seared to his brain is the horrifying moment a woman's decapitated head rolled across the road, after she refused to be stripped naked.

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DailyMail.com asked Erin Palinski-Wade, a registered dietician from New Jersey, to rate five of the most popular kits.

US Daily Mail News TipsDaily Mail News Tips

The Tide will roll as the 'Noles stay home. That's the decision made by the College Football Playoff selection committee on Sunday to select the four best teams to fight for a national championship.

Travel expert Megan Gougeon, who has taken more than 300 flights in the past decade, reveals in a new YouTube video a selection of things 'NEVER told' to airline passengers.


The 2023 New Year celebrations were barely over when experts began sounding the alarm over a miserable 12 months ahead, but the outlook appears less gloomy this time.

Michael B Jordan's $430,000 Ferrari is DESTROYED in horror crash outside Hollywood studio as Creed star's supercar plows into parked Kia and leaves mangled wreckage across road

Creed star Michael B Jordan's Ferrari was involved in a wreck hitting a parked Kia on Saturday in Hollywood. Footage from the scene showed that the passenger's side of the blue Ferrari had crashed into a parked car - triggering the airbags inside the vehicle to be deployed. According to TMZ , the LAPD at the scene found no signs of Michael being impaired by drugs or alcohol . No charges have been filed in connection to the crash.

An unnamed male suspect was shot in the lower extremity during cops' response to the apparent stabbing - which happened at 467 Beach 22nd St in Far Rockaway just after 5am.

The penalty, calculated quarterly based on the Federal Reserve's benchmark rate, hit 8 percent on October 1, up from just 3 percent in early 2021, when Fed rates were near zero.


The Pentagon says an American warship and multiple commercial vessels have come under

An American warship and multiple commercial ships came under attack Sunday in the Red Sea, the Pentagon said, potentially marking a major escalation in a series of maritime attacks in the Mideast linked to the Israel-Hamas war.


Elizabeth Price said her family had suffered a 'gut-wrenching and difficult six days', since son Hisham Awartani, 20, was shot with his two friends in Burlington as they walked to a Thanksgiving dinner.

There are no indications when negotiations will resume between Israel and Hamas for the release of more hostages from Gaza, with U.S. officials putting the blame on the terrorist group.

The sickening horrors endured by Hamas' terrified hostages: How kidnapped Israeli women and children were drugged, starved, shot and threatened with violence if they spoke while held in 'inferno'

EXCLUSIVE: Elderly women, young mothers and frightened children were taken and used as gambling chips to further the cause of a terror group that killed 1,300 Israelis on October 7, the single deadliest day in the Jewish nation's history. Eitan Yahalomi, 12, (pictured, left) was one of several young hostages made to watch footage of Hamas terrorists invading their homeland with weapons pointed to their heads. Yagil and Or Yaakov, aged 12 and 16 (pictured, centre), meanwhile were were branded to make sure they were identifiable if they ran away. Danielle Aloni (pictured, right), who was held along with her six-year-old daughter Emily, was made to write a propagandistic letter praising Hamas for how they treated her and her daughter

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Cornell University students raging against Israel have 'convicted' their college president of genocide during a mock trial they held over the weekend.


'Codepink has for years been variously supporting, defending and making excuses for some of the world's most murderous dictatorships and Jew-haters,' said Lawrence Peck.


How wealthy Disney exec ruined his life by becoming self-help INFLUENCER: Split with wife after she told millions about their 'lousy' sex, snapped at young daughter on livestream - then died during drug binge while glued to his phone

Dave Hollis, the former head of Disney's global distribution who became a self-help guru, ruined his ritzy life as he became obsessed by social media clout and internet attention. The executive abruptly quit his extremely promising career as head of global distribution at Disney in 2018 to join his then-wife Rachel Hollis' self-help empire, after she shot to fame by springboarding off candid pictures of her stretch marks. He once had it all, living in a lavish $3.5 million California mansion with Rachel and their four children. When she found fame, Hollis is said to have struggled with his wife's over-sharing about their lousy sex life and her new role as the family breadwinner. A behind-closed-doors rivalry for social media clout apparently ended their marriage in 2020, and a string of scandals culminated in Hollis' death in February 2023 of a heart attack caused by a lethal cocktail. With almost half a million followers and millions in the bank at the time, the executive's demise serves as a cautionary tale over the dangers of living for shallow online attention.


On February 5, Hollis shared a photo of his youngest daughter, Noah, grinning at him while standing on a jetty with a fishing rod. He captioned it: 'Today was a good day.'

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The unstoppable rise of deepfake PORN: Experts reveal explosion in AI sites and apps that

It was the winter of 2020 when an acquaintance arrived unannounced at Helen Mort's door telling the mom-of-one he had made a grim discovery. This man - who Helen has chosen not to identify - had found dozens of graphic images of her plastered on a porn site. Some depicted obscene and violent sex acts. They had been online for over a year. 'At first it didn't really compute,' Helen, now 38, tells DailyMail.com. 'How could I be on this website? I'd never taken a nude image of myself?' Then it became clear: She was the victim of a deepfake porn attack. Her keyboard perpetrator had pilfered images from her social media accounts and used artificial intelligence (AI) and other sophisticated computer software to transpose her face onto the bodies of porn actresses. Some pictures were so realistic the untrained eye wouldn't be able to pick them out as fake.

An optical illusion claims to reveal what your personality is like, based on what you saw first in the image - are you independent and curious or shy and resourceful?

Mormon family reveal what it's REALLY like to live within the strict rules of their

Popular YouTube creator Peter Santanello visited the home of David and Jennifer Roura, from Utah, who had invited some of their friends over for dinner. It was there that he quizzed the group about being members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, which currently boasts more than 17 million followers. They quickly shut down rumors of polygamy as well as opening up about wardrobe restrictions and detailing how their diet is dictated by the teachings.


The media figure, who proposed with a ring worth $40,000, and his soon-to-be wife subsequently announced that they would tie the knot during a live and televised wedding ceremony on January 4.


California's Sally Rohan stumbled across the 'nodules' during her first year at New Jersey's Rowan-Virtua School of Osteopathic Medicine. She's spoken exclusively with DailyMail.com.

DEAR JANE: My brother won't stop flirting with my HUSBAND - he acts like it's funny but it

In her latest agony aunt column, Jane Green offers some candid words of wisdom to a woman struggling with her brother's inappropriate behavior. The woman was always close with her brother growing up, but says that she noticed a horrible change in his attitude when she got married, saying that soon after he began making sexual comments towards her spouse - and even touching him in inappropriate ways. Jane also gives some advice to a woman who is struggling to deal with her grief surrounding the death of her mother - and is worried her sadness will ruin the holidays for her sons.


Many people are worrying about losing their jobs, but an employment expert has shared warning signs to be on the look out that you are in the firing line - and it comes down to your boss's behavior.


Experts have shared their tips for the perfect Christmas tree - and weighed in on the 'real versus fake' tree debate.

Former Rep. Liz Cheney warns in new book that if Donald Trump is reelected it could spell the 'end of the US Republic' and Chris Christie says ex-president wants to be a dictator

NEW Liz Cheney argues that the end of the U.S. Republic sits at the end of another Donald Trump presidency. In her new book Oath and Honor: A Memoir and a Warning, the former representative for Wyoming's at-large district says that Americans are 'sleepwalking into dictatorship.' Meanwhile, former New Jersey Gov. and 2024 presidential candidate Chris Christie agreed in a separate Sunday morning interview that Trump, his top primary election competitor, 'wants to be a dictator.'

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's  grandstanding, her clashes with former Speaker Nancy Pelosi,

Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez became a 'pariah' in Congress after alienating her own party with her grandstanding, a new book claims. The firebrand Democrat Rep, commonly known as AOC, was so uncompromising she generated 'hostility' from all ranks of Democrats ranging from former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi down to other progressives, according to The Squad: AOC and the Hope of a Political Revolution.  Journalist Ryan Grim, the Washington bureau chief for nonprofit news site, The Intercept, claims the left-wing congresswoman was so arrogant she 'wanted to remake the system and to be thanked for doing it'.  While AOC started her political career with a bang, Grim explains that her arrogance led her to become 'closed off' to meeting donors, repeatedly cancel meetings at the last minute, and 'infuriate' her critics with her infamous 'Tax the Rich' dress at the 2021 Met Gala .


Loved-up Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce join Patrick and Brittany Mahomes (who wear matching reindeer onesies) as they get into the Christmas spirit at festive bash before Chiefs vs. Packers

Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift got into the Christmas spirit early as they joined Patrick and Brittany Mahomes for a festive bash on Friday night. The Mahomes donned matching reindeer onesies for what appeared to be the 'Miracle on Main Street' event in Kansas City, which includes 'pictures with Santa, raffle prizes, vendors, dance performances, the lighting of the Mayor's Christmas Tree.' Teammate Blake Bell and his wife Lyndsay were at the bash, too, with the tight end and his partner also matching in green Christmas tree onesies featuring ornament decorations.


For the most part, she describes herself as a 'mum and a wife with a really cool day job' and millions of social media followers to boot.

From Linda Evangelista to Charlie Sheen, can you recognize Hollywood's biggest stars - 40

Four decades ago, these 10 A-listers were gearing up to graduate alongside their student peers. Although today, they've become household names in their own right, at the time they were just regular teenagers - and no doubt clueless about the super stardom that was right around the corner. From international models to Grammy-winning musicians, DailyMail.com has exclusively obtained throwback yearbook images of celebrities before they achieved world-wide fame.

Cybercriminals use search terms such as 'how to make money online' and ' Taylor Swift ' as a trap to get unsuspecting users to download malware that lets hackers steal your money and data.

King Charles 'prepares for "crisis" talks over Omid Scobie race row': Palace officials will meet with William's aides after book 'named two royal racists - with all options including legal action "on the table"'

Buckingham Palace officials will meet with aides to Prince William this week for critical talks in how to deal with the fallout from accusations of racism after the publication of Omid Scobie's book Endgame. The gathering of the two households will see them discuss all how to respond, with 'time and care' to be taken before any decisions are made, one source claimed. All options are believed to be 'on the table', including legal action, after claims King Charles and the Princess of Wales remarked on the skin colour of Prince Archie, the son of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex in the Dutch edition of the book. Charles, who flew back to the UK after several days at he COP28 environment summit in Dubai last week, is said to be taking the furore surrounding the book 'very seriously'. It is reported that during the week Charles will discuss the situation with senior advisers, while also carrying out his duties with aides saying it will be 'business as usual' with royals to be seen as 'rising above' the row.

The British monarch, who recently celebrated his 75th birthday, and his wife, 76, was spotted heading to the service in Norfolk, in a business-as-usual attitude.

The Princess of Wales, 41, proudly discussed her daughter's musical prowess while attending the Royal Variety Performance at Prince Albert Hall in London on Thursday.

Pressure grows on Harry and Meghan as William demands 'action' on Scobie racism

William is said to 'want action' after his wife Kate was named alongside Charles as the two Royals identified by Meghan in a private letter to the King, which claimed 'concern' was expressed about her future son's skin colour. And further difficulties are massing on another front for the Montecito-based pair as Parliament could consider the 'nuclear option' of stripping Harry and Meghan of their royal titles under bombshell legislation to be proposed this week. Hugh Grosvenor, the Duke of Westminster, is said to have decided against inviting the Sussexes to avoid clashes on his big day amid soaring tensions following the release of Omid Scobie 's new book.

The King has suffered numerous accusations in his long life of service. The latest jibe is that he is merely a stop-gap monarch. I bet he doesn't see it like that, says HUGO VICKERS.

The Princess' iconic animal print swimsuit is back for purchase at £150, available in sizes 10 to 18, marking its return for the first time since the 90s.


Cheerleader Hailey Stephens is shot dead by stray bullet inside party at vacant house as

Star pupil Hailey Stephens was at a Nov. 26 party in a vacant house in East Silver Reef Road in Casa Grande, Arizona, when a gun fight broke out around 1.30am. Police said Stephens and another 17-year-old girl were hit by stray bullets. The other victim was hit in the arm and is expected to recover. Stephens was taken to a hospital in Phoenix in a critical condition with a gunshot wound to the head and died a few hours later. 'Hailey had a huge life left in front of her. Somebody did something wrong and they should pay for their crime,' her mother said.

Austin Lee Edwards, 28, murdered Mark Winek, 69; his wife, Sharie Winek, 65; and their 38-year-old daughter, Brooke Winek, on November 25 2022. He set fire to their Riverside home.

Tiger Woods has spent a lot recovering from injuries to his legs that have seen him out of play since the 2023 Masters. But now more than ever, he looks ready to compete.

'They are going to torture people!' Shocking moment two huge stray dogs destroy Houston car dealership causing $350,000-worth of damage

Surveillance footage from G Motors in Houston shows the four-legged assaults in full - and how they were all enacted by the same two pooches with impunity. In the clips, which must be seen to be believed, the dogs are seen ripping off fenders from vehicles of all shapes - from full-sized SUVs to the most trusty sedans. Also left behind by the dastardly duo - who are stronger than they look - are a range of bite- and scratch-marks, further fueling the damages. So far, staffers at the dealership say five vehicles have fallen prey to the canine's seemingly personal scourge - propelling the costs of the damages to nearly $400,000.

Lennon: Murder Without A Trial will feature the concierge of Manhattan's Dakota building - where Lennon was shot dead on December 8, 1980 - speaking publicly about that night for the first time.


EXCLUSIVE: Retired US Army Brigadier General Kevin Ryan said nuclear war is an 'entirely feasible' option for Putin if Ukrainian forces make gains on the battlefield.

Supernatural star Mark Sheppard, 59, has SIX 'massive' heart attacks and is resuscitated

Supernatural star Mark Sheppard has revealed he recently suffered six 'massive' heart attacks and had to be resuscitated four times after collapsing in his kitchen. The 59-year-old actor credited his wife Sarah with saving his life and said he felt 'humbled' by the near-death experience. He posted a photograph of himself lying in a hospital bed looking bedraggled with several heart monitor devices attached to his chest on Saturday. 'You’re not going to believe this!' the father-of-three told his 1.7 million Instagram followers in the post. 'Was on my way to an appointment yesterday when I collapsed in my kitchen. Six massive heart attacks later, and being brought back from dead four times I apparently had a 100 percent blockage in my LAD. The Widowmaker. If not for my wife, the @losangelesfiredepartment at Mullholland and the incredible staff @providencecalifornia St Joseph’s - I wouldn’t be writing this.'

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EXCLUSIVE: The Red Sea Film Festival is said to have offered 'talent' a cool $1 million each to appear and has so far attracted actors Will Smith, Sharon Stone and Johnny Depp to the red carpet.

Wearing a blush pink blouse by the designers David and Elizabeth Emanuel, Diana, then 19, looked  ethereal in her official engagement portrait.

Model, 22, who is recovering from a binge-eating disorder reveals how consuming pasta

Anastasiia Lebedeva, 22, from New York City, is a model who has revealed how she lost 10 pounds in a 'one month' by eating pasta every day - adding that the savory dish even lowered her stress levels. She is an influencer who frequently posts about her lavish lifestyle to her more than 273,000 TikTok followers. The brunette beauty often gets candid about her struggles with her binge-eating disorder. Recently, the NYC-based content creator took to the video-sharing platform and lifted the lid on how she discovered a way to 'hack the system,' and eat 'pasta, pizza, cookies, and ice cream' while shedding pounds.

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Kim Kardashian, Nicole Kidman and Salma Hayek were among a number of fashionably dressed guests attending the Balenciaga Fall 24 show on Saturday in Los Angeles.

To find out the best designers for women over 30 who want to avoid crop tops, FEMAIL spoke to celebrity stylists about their go-to brands when they're styling clients who fit the bill.

Inside the luxury Amish homes in Ohio, Michigan and Kentucky that are selling for up to

A growing number of high-end Amish properties have flooded the market in recent years, with a $1million sale in Ohio last summer (pictured) now not uncommon. It has been fueled by a growing Amish middle-class, who have branched out into small businesses selling furniture and even cannabis, as traditional farming lifestyles become unsustainable. The switch has proved fruitful for some, leading to greater revenues and exposure to modernity, which is now on display in their fashionable homes, including a sprawling ten-bedroom, $575,000 property in Michigan (top right), and a $310,000 Amish ranch, also in Ohio (bottom right).


EXCLUSIVE On the frontline of Putin's terrifying invasion: Hair-raising moment Western journalist takes cover as trenches are bombarded - as Kyiv's counter-offensive stalls and gets bogged down against well-fortified Russian lines

EXCLUSIVE: The shell explodes. The ground rocks; the camera jolts. The men hurl themselves to the floor amid the chaos. The images refocus: several Ukrainian soldiers dressed in Khaki fatigues slowly stand up. Alongside them, an elegant white-haired man in a black suit and white shirt gets to his feet as well. The man is world renowned philosopher, journalist and war correspondent Bernard Henri Levy and the scene is from his new film Glory to the Heroes, which is out in cinemas on 8 December, and which emerges from the time he spent during summer 2023 in eastern Ukraine, At 75 years old, Levy is still going to places that others won't. Here, he is Chasiv Yar, near the city of Bakhmut, home to what was the fiercest battle of the war in Ukraine, that he was forced to dive for cover.


EXCLUSIVE: Russian soldiers have raped and tortured men as well as women in Ukraine as a weapon of war to 'destroy' the population for generations to come, activists revealed.

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Handyman builds remote 'Hobbit house' cabin amid the freezing Siberian wilderness for just

Building a house doesn't need to be costly or time consuming, as one handyman demonstrates in a fascinating how-to video. South African architect Alosha Lynov took to the wilds of Siberia to learn building techniques from locals, who have perfected the art of constructing dome cabins from natural materials. In his tutorial, he explains that the structure cost just $2,000 to craft - with this including labor - and it took him and two others six weeks to bring the abode to life.

A diet of nine eggs every day may help you lose weight. But it's just a 'quick fix', says Birmingham-based dietitian Dr Duane Mellor. The diet has millions of views on TikTok.


Jen Graham, better known as Charity Shop Girl on TikTok, has revealed her top tips for buying presents secondhand this festive season and why it's so important.

'I'm sorry dude... I had to do that': Horrifying moment cop shoots dead family's beloved dog before grabbing it by the collar and tossing it on lawn

A New Mexico woman and her family have reached a settlement with the City of Texico after their beloved family dog, Pepper, was killed by the city's police chief. Police Chief Doug Bowman paid Beverly Bentley was caught on camera glancing both ways over his shoulder before opening fire on the animal. He claimed the dog was acting 'aggressive' and had tried to bite a man earlier. The 16-year veteran of the force shot a dog under similar circumstances in 2018 and is currently involved in a child abuse investigation, with witnesses accusing him of taking part in a cover-up.

San Diego teenager Ryan Hopkins, 19, sobbed in court as he was sentenced for his role in the death of a homeless woman who was allegedly shot dead by his friend with a pellet gun in a 'hobo hunt.'

NEW The deadly attack during a busy weekend at around 9pm (8pm in the UK) near the Eiffel Tower came as France is at its highest alert level, as tension rise amid the war between Israel and Hamas .

More 'proof' that Hamas use civilians as 'human shields': IDF releases video showing underground tunnel which it says was found inside a mosque as Israel pounds terror bases

The IDF video shows a deep tunnel in a building that Israeli soldiers claim is a mosque, and cuts to several more examples of tunnels that it says Hamas is using in the bloodiest conflict in the Middle East in decades. It also shows IDF soldiers blowing up the tunnels, and was shared with the caption: 'IDF troops eliminated 500 of the 800+ exposed shafts to Hamas' underground tunnels located near or inside kindergartens, schools, playgrounds and mosques.'

In response to the Hamas terrorist attack on Israel and rising antisemitism, The Altneu Synagogue launched a matchmaking initiative for Jewish singles to ensure future Jewish generations. 

Oh la la! Fascinating video reveals a rare glimpse inside one of the world's most EXPENSIVE homes - a stunning $1 BILLION French château that boasts beautiful gardens, a Greek theater, an Indian palace, and art worth millions

YouTuber Erik Conover, 34, from New York City, traveled to Normandy to tour the lavish Château du Champ de Bataille, which is owned by French architect and interior designer Jacques Garcia. The Baroque estate encompasses more than 300 acres of land and consists of six main structures: the chateau, the gardens, the grotto, the Indian palace, the Greek theater, and the greenhouse. Conover explained that he has teamed up with the French real estate brokerage Barnes International to rent out Château du Champ de Bataille, saying it's 'nearly impossible' to put a number on the price value of the estate.

The poll released this week by Ipsos shows that 72 percent of Canadians think Trudeau should step down and let his Liberal Party select a new leader for the next elections.


Suzanne Somers' son, Bruce Jr., gave a moving tribute to his late mother during an emotional memorial that was held at the Stone Eagle Club in Palm Desert on Thursday.

Amy Robach puts on a VERY leggy display on date night with former GMA anchor TJ Holmes one

NEW Amy Robach grasped TJ Holmes' arm as the pair made a grand entrance to the iHeart Podcast dinner party at Malibu Nobu on Saturday night. The former Good Morning America host paired her dark blue suit with a navy lace-edged camisole top. She completed the look with a pair of long gold earrings, nude heels - which showed off her toned legs - and a matching clutch bag. The two have spent the last year dating after DailyMail.com exposed their secret affair, which led to both being fired.

An Idaho infant allegedly abducted by his murder suspect father has been tragically found dead days after his mother was killed at her home, police said. 

Expensive winter jackets including Canada Goose parkas are being stolen all over Northwest Washington DC. Officials recommend using Airtags to find the stolen jackets


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Watch the incredible moment Edmonton Oil Kings fans throw 15,000 teddy bears onto the ice in latest instalment of annual charity drive

Fans of the Edmonton Oil Kings threw 15,000 teddy bears onto the ice on Friday night in what's become a charitable tradition around hockey. The Western Hockey League club has donated 163,000 toys to charities since 2008. The Oil Kings temporarily stopped the game against the Everett Silvertips after Landon Hanson scored midway through the first period to throw the stuffed animals on ice.

Move over Spotify Wrapped - TikTokers are posting their 'Dating Wrapped'. Singles are sharing detailed summaries of the best and worst romance they've experienced this year.


A new group of influencers are taking social media by storm, but these individuals are over the age of 70. Called 'grandfluencers,' they have millions of followers - many young adults,

Private equity boss lists stunning Bay Area estate for $35M, three years after he bought

The Fieldhaven estate is up for sale again for $35 million after being bought for $19 million three years ago. The property boasts two pools, a dog park, a bird sanctuary, a car barn, ten bedrooms and 22 baths.Tech billionaire and Workday co-founder David Duffield spent three-and-a-half years and $135 million to build the almost 25,000 square feet property. If adjusted for inflation, the property would cost about $250 million to construct today.

Amazon has banned the sale of the 'FlipperZero' gadget, a handheld device designed to hack into digital frequencies, after it was found to be able to steal people's credit card information.

The blast happened during a regular service at Mindanao State University's gymnasium in Marawi, the country's largest Muslim city, with regional police Chief Allan Nobleza said

Wild moment a lone crocodile swims into a swarm of sharks before one of them attacks: 'Aussie as it gets'

Jaw-dropping footage has captured an 'Aussie as it gets' moment of a lone crocodile swimming among a swarm of sharks before one got snappy and tried to chomp on its leg.  The feisty encounter between the shiver of nurse sharks and the croc took place at night in waters around Wessel Islands -  a group of uninhabited islands off Northern Territory. The video shared to Instagram by Jessie Leigha last week, shows several sharks circling the predator.  The crocodile stood its ground despite being outnumbered as it tried to snap down on a rope from one of the nearby boats.

A Western Australian father who died while at the beach has inspired a board shorts range which will raise funds for defibrillators to be installed along the state's coast. 

Get a load of this grub! From a 1.31 mile-long pizza to a giant gingerbread VILLAGE, 30 of

Each year, chefs and cooking aficionados across the globe compete for a new Guinness World Record. Sometimes this means the largest, longest, or heaviest cake, pizza, or pastry. It also provides an opportunity to showcase regional cuisine, such as enchiladas from Mexico and rice noodles from China. Here DailyMail.com looks back at some of the most spectacular attempts to win a spot in the coveted book of records.



Eerie shipwrecks, a lucky stone and a forsaken castle with a 'murder window': Fascinating

History is alive and kicking in Ireland - as is revealed in this book of deserted treasures.  Abandoned Ireland by Dominic Connolly, published by Amber Books, shows the extraordinary past of the small island country, exploring everywhere 'from the sparsely inhabited west coast to the urban buzz of Dublin and Belfast'.


Tiffany Chesson, 28, from Sittingbourne, Kent, started co-sleeping by accident with her first child Teddy, five, and found it was the only way to get him to fall asleep.

Aruba investigators who worked on the Natalee Holloway case in 2005 said Joran Van der Sloot's account of the brutal murder 'doesn't make sense'.

Can't Escape these vocals! Enrique Iglesias goes viral for awkward autotune fail as fans quip star sounds like 'Kermit the Frog' - after announcing retirement from recording

Legendary singer Enrique Iglesias recently announced his retirement from recording albums after an extraordinary career in music - but lately he has been stunning fans for an entirely different reason. Enrique, 48, was mercilessly mocked after video of his awkward, autotuned performance last month surfaced online, with fans comparing the iconic musician to Kermit the Frog and speculating his voice technology had failed. The artist has been traveling the country with fellow musical icons Ricky Martin and Pitbull as part of their Trilogy Tour, and the video captured him singing his popular love song Escape - but a version unlike fans have ever heard before. 


Showbiz extra

Inside the Warner Bros' warehouse: Video of mysterious LA depot reveals Batmobiles and Superman's costume among vast array of Hollywood's most iconic props from huge blockbusters

Rare footage has emerged of the renowned Warner Bros' prop warehouse in Los Angeles, which is home to some of the studio's most iconic costumes, guns, and cars as featured in some of the biggest films of all time. The warehouse, which is the size of an aircraft hangar and is home to Superman, Batman, and the Matrix, as well as the Batmobiles, is so mysterious that the address is not listed anywhere and the building is heavily guarded against thieves. However, celebrity glasses designer Tom Davies, who has created frames for Warner Bros' 2021 film The Matrix Resurrections, and the 2016 movie Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, was granted rare access - and was allowed to video his experience.


DailyMail.com found all gender-specific terms - including 'women' & 'mother' - were swapped for gender-neutral terms like 'pregnant people' and 'pregnant person' from winter vaccine guidance

Former US President and 2024 Presidential candidate Donald Trump, was blessed by Republican pastors before his Cedar Rapids event today

Wing and a prayer: Mid-air near-misses have rocketed as America's air traffic control towers 'are overrun with BRAWLS, controllers who are high and biting insects'

In the fiscal year through September 30, 'significant' air traffic control lapses jumped 65 percent from the prior year, to 503 incidents, according to internal Federal Aviation Administration data. Controllers say that due to staffing shortages, they are often forced to work 10-hour shifts six days a week, on irregular schedules that leave them exhausted, mentally depressed, and turning to alcohol to cope. Citing records and interviews with current and former controllers, the New York Times revealed incidents of controllers sleeping and drinking on the job, fights breaking out in control towers, and complaints of dismal working conditions including black mold and biting insects.

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