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Millionaire conwoman, 57, who scammed military out of over $100 million before splurging

Janet Yamanaka Mello, 57, allegedly stole millions of dollars from military funds and blew it on jewelry, clothing, luxury vehicles and real estate in one of the biggest fraud cases the military has ever seen. The hustler worked for the U.S. Army at Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio, Texas , as a CYS Financial Program Manager and allegedly created a shell company, Child Health and Youth Lifelong Development, in 2016. She used the firm to fraudulently swindle money that was supposed to be going towards the children of army personnel, and instead used the cash to sponsor her lavish lifestyle. However, her scheme came crashing down in January when criminal investigators from the IRS worked with army investigators as they put the pieces of the puzzle together - before Mello was criminally indicted in December 2023.Now, Mello is planning to plead guilty to fraud and tax charges with plea documents signed by the hustler being filed late on Wednesday. The signed documents said that the alleged conwoman stole $108million in less than seven years using her fake vender.


Donald Trump claims Roe v Wade gave mothers the right 'to KILL the baby after birth' - weeks after denying 'fake news' report he's 'privately mulling federal 16-week abortion ban'

When asked by Sean Hannity where he was on the issue, Donald Trump compared himself to Ronald Reagan, saying he believed in exceptions despite being pro-life and claimed pro-abortion Democrats are radicals on the issue. 'I think it's a very important thing the exceptions,' he said. 'I also think that they are the radicals, because they will kill the baby in eight months, nine months. Under Roe v. Wade, they had the right to kill the baby after birth. I mean, literally, after birth in some cases.'


The Senate passed a fourth short-term spending bill to punt government funding deadlines further down the road, narrowly avoiding a government shutdown that would have been triggered on Friday.

The suspect for the shooting in El Cajon, California was identified as 29-year-old Mohammed Abdulkareem, He has taken into custody and the firearm has been located.

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The update comes as royal commentators warned the Royal Family to be more open about why Prince William was absent from his godfather's memorial, which was attributed to a 'personal reason'.

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President Joe Biden may send more American weapons and ammunition to Ukraine, even though Congress is stalling additional funding to replace them.


The Hollywood director, 58, has spoken about a devastating phone call he received from Heath's father Kim after the Australian actor's death on January 22, 2008.

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The funeral of the opposition leader will take place today in a church on the outskirts of Moscow - two weeks after he died in an Arctic prison on February 16.

Terrifying moment plane carrying Grammy Award-winner Karol G makes an emergency landing in LA due to SMOKE inside the cockpit - before passengers hug each other on the runway

Karol G, real name Carolina Giraldo Navarro, is a Colombian singer who has released four albums that have gone platinum since 2017. The 33-year-old was seen getting off the plane Thursday night at Van Nuys Airport after what was termed a 'mid-air emergency.' According to ABC7 , passengers were seen hugging after they made it back to the ground. The singer was flying in her private plane, which is decorated with the barbed-wire heart tattoo she has on her arm.

Diddy scored a legal victory in court on Thursday as he fights a lawsuit brought by a woman accusing him of sex trafficking and gang raping her with other men when she was a teen.

The 41-year-old suddenly fell ill on the flight from Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic and an emergency landing was needed to provide further medical treatment, according to a report.

The incident happened on Monday in the middle of the night. Several police forces were called to the property in the district of Rotenburg after reports of a shooting

America's most expensive sibling spat: LA real estate heir is forced to pay his four brothers $7 BILLION after stealing family's assets including 170 Cali apartment blocks

Haresh Jogani (pictured left) had agreed verbally to share in his portfolio that now totals over 170 apartment buildings with 17,000 units, largely in the San Fernando Valley but had never signed a contract. Further legal action was added on in the ensuing 20 years, leading to a jury trial that lasted over five months and ended earlier this week in Los Angeles Superior Court. The jury awarded Shashikant Jogani and brothers Rajesh, Chetan and Shailesh $2.5 billion in monetary damages and more than $4.5 billion in property interests, according to lawyers for the plaintiff.


Obesity rates among youngsters quadrupled globally between 1990 and 2022 while rates among adults more than doubled, researchers in the UK found.

A young bride-to-be is petrified of losing her best friend after deciding she won't be inviting her 'toxic' other half to her wedding.

Geri Halliwell and Christian Horner's marriage 'now in question for the first time'

The couple had breathed a collective sigh of relief on Wednesday when Red Bull cleared the Horner of misconduct and inappropriate behaviour allegations. But last night, a series WhatsApp texts and photographs were released to dozens of journalists and key figures in sport, throwing the scandal back into the public into the spotlight once again. Friends close to the Spice Girl, who stood by her husband of nine years resolutely throughout the internal probe, have revealed she is now 'having the meltdown to all meltdowns over the leaks'.

It's the audacity of Christian Horner that really takes your breath away. The brass neck and air of absolute invincibility which has allowed him to strut around an F1 paddock in Bahrain, cock of the walk.

The stream of messages, comes just a day after the Spice Girl told friends she was 'relieved and elated' that her husband of nine years had been cleared of a Red Bull investigation.

Geri Halliwell has been left 'extremely humiliated' by F1 boss husband Christian Horner's

Friends of the ex-Spice Girl told the Mail she thought the scandal had finally 'gone away' after Christian Horner was cleared of misconduct on Wednesday. But now they warn the appearance of the intimate messages will 'destroy' 51-year-old Ms Halliwell. One said: 'All along Christian promised there was nothing in it.' One said: 'All along Christian promised there was nothing in it.' She had stood by the 50-year-old motorsport executive during an independent investigation by his company after he was accused of coercive behaviour towards a woman employee.

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Christian Horner's career in F1 was plunged into fresh crisis on Thursday night when a tranche of WhatsApp exchanges allegedly between him and a close female employee were leaked.

Missouri GOP is working to remove candidate with ties to KKK who has been pictured

Darrell Leon McClanahan III, of Milo, Missouri, filed this week to run in the Republican primary for governor - one of eight Republicans who have filed to run. McClanahan previously ran last cycle for an open Senate seat in Missouri. He garnered 0.2 percent of the vote in a contest ultimately won by now-Senator Eric Schmitt. On Thursday, the Missouri GOP disavowed McClanahan's entrance into the race, saying: 'The Missouri Republican Party has been made aware that Darrell Leon McClanahan III filed for Governor as a Republican despite his affiliation with the Ku Klux Klan, which fundamentally contradicts our party's values and platform.'

The California-based start-up behind the drug has seen its share price double after the results were revealed, for its once-a-week injection called VK2735.


A dead Oregon man's family have launched an $11.5M wrongful death lawsuit, alleging a nurse swapped out the fentanyl in the patient's IV drip with tap water.


Standoff over NYC 'squatter' home: Family hires SECURITY guard previously used by Bill

The family who have been barred from their own dream house in NYC by a stubborn squatter have hired a celebrity security guard to watch over the $2 million mansion. Susana and Joseph Landa, both 68, bought the stunning Little Neck property, which lies around 18 miles from Manhattan, in October. The couple planned to retire in the large three bed, four bath home alongside their son Alex, who has down syndrome. Unfortunately a 'squatter', Brett Flores, claims that he 'deserves' to live in the property because he worked as the caretaker for the previous elderly owner, who is now dead. DailyMail.com visited the Long Island mansion and found that a security guard had been hired by the Landas to watch over their property as Flores continues to live there.


The inquiry in the US is based on fewer than two dozen cases of Guillain-Barre syndrome among more than 9.5million over-60s who got the vaccine.


Meghan hits the slopes again: Duchess enjoys snow trip with her model friend Kelly McKee

Meghan Markle has enjoyed a ski trip with her friends Kelly McKee Zajfen and Heather Dorak, with the latter saying on Instagram that she enjoyed a 'perfect trip'. The Duchess of Sussex was pictured smiling with pilates business owner Dorak and former model Zajfen on the slopes of Powder Mountain near Salt Lake City in Utah. The trio were seen in the photograph wearing big coats, gloves, sunglasses and beanie hats - while Dorak also posted pictures of her family members on the trip. Dorak, who is the founder of Pilates Platinum, wrote: 'Wow, what a perfect trip!! My heart is so full. The kids crushed the slopes by day and the adults howled with laughter deep into the night. Truly lucky in love with our wonderful friends!' Zajfen also shared the photo in an Instagram post of her own, writing: 'Beyond grateful for the best of friends! What a trip! Thank you doesn't even begin to express what my heart is feeling after this trip. The love of family time and adventure and belly laughs made this trip one for the books! Here's to many more adventures with friends that feel like family and appreciating each day.' It comes two weeks after Meghan was pictured on the slopes of Whistler in Canada with Prince Harry for an event marking one year to go until the next Invictus Games.


We all hope King Charles will make a speedy recovery from his cancer. Rumours fly around about the Prince and Princess of Wales, which make us question if he and Kate are in a position to take over.

Prince William, Prince Harry, Prince Andrew. As time goes by, they present as not quite the Three Wise Men of royal life, but increasingly like the Huey, Dewey and Louie of some grim caper

Border crime WAVE! Donald Trump fist pumps at migrants through barbed wire in Eagle Pass - hours after slamming Joe Biden for letting in criminals who have shed the 'blood of countless innocent victims'

Former President Donald Trump gave a wave to migrants through a barbed wire fence at the US-Mexico border during a visit with Texas Governor Greg Abbott where he slammed President Biden's handling of the border. The ex-Commander in Chief, who has consistently criticized his successor over the crisis, was at the fence in Eagle Pass, Texas Thursday. Trump said Biden had the 'blood of countless innocent victims' on his hands.

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Abbott was appearing with Donald Trump as he guided the Republican presidential frontrunner along the edge of the Rio Grande and showed him what Texas is doing,

Foreign governments have been able to track Americans and journalists using flaws in mobile carrier networks for over a decade, a top Democrat revealed in a letter sent to President Joe Biden.

Former President Donald Trump condemned President Joe Biden's record on immigration enforcement, blaming him for the death of nursing student Laken Riley, 22.

Former President Donald Trump rolled out a new nickname Thursday - 'Newscum' - a label for California's Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom.

Richard Lewis took legal steps to ensure his wife of 19 years Joyce Lapinsky would be able

Richard Lewis took legal measures to ensure his wife Joyce Lapinsky would be able to remain living in the Los Angeles home they shared in the wake of his passing. The beloved comic, who died at 76 Tuesday following a fatal heart attack, took a series of steps with their real estate portfolio, changing the home's standard mortgage to an assignment of rents trust deed, according to records reviewed by the New York Post .

PICTURED: Second Smokehouse Creek Fire victim as it's revealed she mysteriously ran outside of her car before disappearing into the flames that burn across 1.1 million acres

Cindy Owen desperately called her family when her vehicle was surrounded by the fire on FM 33 outside Pampa on Tuesday. She told them she could not breathe and stepped out of the truck only to be overcome by the smoke and flames. Another motorist found her after the flames moved on and she was taken to a burn center in Oklahoma City where she died on Thursday morning. 'Cindy was one of the best people we ever knew,' her sister-in-law Jennifer Mitchell said.

Kevin Costner was spotted for the first time in public since he settled his divorce with his ex-wife Christine Baumgartner. He enjoyed a lunch date with his eldest daughter Annie, 40,on Thursday.

Machine Gun Kelly has undergone several dramatic transformations recently. The 33-year-old star officially changed his name on streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music.

Hunter Biden acknowledges 'big guy' Joe email in bombshell testimony but insists father

Hunter Biden in his full testimony before GOP impeachment investigators frequently blamed his addiction and suggested he was too high to recall certain events as he admitted at one point he tried to kill himself 'on a daily basis.'

Former President Donald Trump, 77, demanded that President Joe Biden take a cognitive test after the White House insisted the 81-year-old commander-in-chief's doctors said he didn't need one.

Freshman Alabama Sen. Katie Britt has been chosen by Republicans to deliver the rebuttal to President Biden's State of the Union address next week.

Horrifying moment Arizona woman appears to be brutally ABDUCTED at a gas station despite desperate escape attempt - as cops launch probe

A horrified onlooker called police after seeing the woman trying to run from the Nissan SUV as it pulled into a gas station before being chased and caught by its heavily built male driver who dragged her back to the car. Other customers seemed oblivious as the man shoved her in and slammed the door before driving off at high speed from the Circle K in Buckeye. Unfortunately we know nothing about these two subjects,' Sergeant Tamela Skaggs of the Buckeye Police Department admitted. 'That video is extremely concerning to us, and that video is what we have.'

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The Massachusetts A ir National Guard member accused of leaking highly classified military documents on social media will plead guilty in federal court.

Mother Katrina Baur and her boyfriend Jesse Vang have been charged with felony child neglect as his paternal grandmother Lia Vang tearfully pleaded with her neighbors to keep looking

Not the infinity pool I wanted! Owner of $2.5 MILLION California mansion says he's 'checking every hour' as his home teeters on the edge of falling off the cliff into ocean after being battered by Pineapple Express

Alan Ashavi, 66, (pictured) says he grows more nervous by the day about his property, which earlier this month, became a victim to the atmospheric rivers raining down on California. Last year, some of Ashavi's San Clemente neighbors saw their backyards collapse into the ocean as the land beneath them eroded. Ashavi avoided that same fate last rainy season, but this year he was not so lucky.

Dr. Omar Najib Marar, 37, had threatened to 'get his bomb belt and blow everyone up' in an operating room at Ascension St. Mary's Hospital on January 8


Jussie Smollett has completed a five month stint in rehab for substance abuse. The former Empire star, 41, finished the outpatient program earlier this month.

Playboy model, 22, slams Leonardo DiCaprio, 49, as 'too weird and old' after kissing him

A Playboy model has thrown shade on Leonardo DiCaprio after sharing a kiss with him on a night out in Los Angeles. Hieke Konings, 22, claims she snogged the Hollywood star, 49, in an invite-only nightclub, but slammed him as 'too weird and too old'. Appearing on the cover of the Dutch edition of Playboy she recalled the night she met the Oscar-winning actor.

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Eerie moment Mississippi father and son discover a dead BODY in a creepy abandoned house during a treasure hunt

A father and son stumbled upon a dead body at an abandoned Antebellum home in Mississippi while playing treasure hunt. The grisly discovery came on Saturday, February 24, when the father and son duo were exploring the empty house on East Van Dorn Avenue in Holly Springs. Holly Springs Police Chief Darryl Bowens said that the homeowner had given permission to the father and son to treasure hunt on the property. What they found was far more shocking and disturbing than a treasure chest. The body of the dead man was stumbled upon in the living room of the home, where the corpse was found laying.

Patrick Mahomes' performance at the 2017 NFL Combine saw him run a pretty slow 40-yard dash by his standards. It's something the quarterback wants to forget, but it was brought up again.

Wyoming woman reveals how she underwent miraculous third heart transplant 36 years after

A detention officer is nearly ready to return to the beat after recovering from her third heart transplant operation in as many decades. Jenn Green, 49, galvanized Wyoming as a child when thousands of people helped raise money to make her the state's youngest ever heart transplant patient. The girl from Gillette was days from death when she went under the knife as a 13-year-old in what was still a pioneering procedure and required an intervention from the state's governor. Doctors thought she might have another 15 years to live, but 36 years later she is putting her fourth heart through its paces after the 'best, fastest recovery I've had'.

California shuts down its Miracle Hot Spring that's beloved by hippies for its 'healing minerals' after a SECOND body was found floating in the water in the last two years

The Forest Service confirmed that a body was discovered at Miracle Hot Springs in one of the tubs on February 17. It was the second time in the past 18 months that deaths have been reported in the same area after a body was found on October 17, 2022. The victims have not been identified but it has the Forest Service taking extra precaution.

The Miami Beach City Commission announced earlier this month that new rules will empower the city to mandate curfews and beach closures if needed.

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Amira Hunter, 23, was arrested on Wednesday in connection to the February 13 attack on Iain Forrest, 29, a medical student who was playing his electric cello at the 34th Street Herald Square Station.


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Stunning Westchester mansion once owned by Johnny Carson and featured on MTV's Teen Cribs hits market for $5 million for the first time in four decades

Johnny Carson (inset), the iconic host of NBC's late-night talk show, made this stately stone Colonial-style manor his home in the 1950s before relocating to the West Coast and marrying his second wife Joanne Copeland in 1963. The lavish estate, nestled on 1.9 acres in Westchester County, boasts six bedrooms, seven bathrooms, and multiple living spaces adorned with high ceilings and expansive windows. The property is still known as 'the Carson Ballfield' in Rye, Westchester's smallest city on the vibrant shores in New York, because children used to play baseball on the grounds during Carson's ownership.

NASA and NOAA have proposed a new method to remove water vapor before it becomes a greenhouse gas in the stratosphere. But some believe the method would cause more problems for Earth.

'Oh my God': Heartbreaking moment cops find starved, bug-bitten girl, 3, weighing just 16 pounds in trash-filled cockroach-infested Ohio home

Fairborn, Ohio police were called to the apartment complex on January 8 on a report that a young child was struggling to breath. As they entered the child's bedroom, they found her unresponsive on a soiled mattress covered in bug bites and said she weighed about 16 pounds. The girls mother, 25-year-old Rabyah Nadhirah Muballigh, has been charged with endangering a child and felonious assault. The girls bedroom was littered with bottles and sticky fly traps. At one point, a cockroach is seen running across the wall. At first police thought the 3-year-old was dead, but can be heard saying: 'Oh she's still breathing, she's still breathing, let's go, let's go.'


For more than a quarter-century, Phillies fans considered dollar hot dog night among the best ballpark promotions - but the team has now decided it was the wurst.

Brittany Cartwright, 35, shared WEEKS ago things were 'great' with husband Jax Taylor, 44,

Brittany Cartwright , the 35-year-old Vanderpump Rules veteran, announced this week she has split from her husband Jax Taylor, 44. But weeks ago she told DailyMail.com that things were great and they wanted a second child; they already have son Cruz. 'Everything is going great with Jax, he's an amazing father and it's made me fall in love with him even more,' said the TV star. 'It's been so good for our relationship to be working again. It got a little weird after we left Vanderpump Rules, but now we're back on track and I think it's good for us to both stay busy.' She also said she looked forward to welcoming a second child soon.

Former Vanderpump Rules stars Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright have announced they currently separated and 'taking time apart' after four years of marriage. 

Every four years, leap day comes along and brings wonderful travel deals you will want to snag up right away with it. For the first time since 2020, the shortest month of the year is becoming longer.

Eight-year-old Kinsley Murray goes viral after belting out 'passionate' National Anthem at Pacers game and even draws Fergie comparisons

An eight-year-old singer has gone viral for her performance of the national anthem on Wednesday night at the Indiana Pacers game.

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An Ohio woman claims that her Stanley cup saved her life after a stray bullet tore through the walls of her home and ricocheted off the popular tumbler, leaving only a bruise.

Forget about your 10-step skincare routine. Now it's all about 'face basting,' which involves rubbing children's diaper cream all over your face to combat dry and dull skin.



Jenna Bush Hager sparks a frenzied fashion debate on TikTok after asking her followers what the correct name is for her SHOES: 'What do YOU call them?'

Bush Hager, 42, was leaving work after a day of filming the Today show with her co-star Hoda Kotb when she stopped and pointed to her footwear. 'Do you call these house shoes or slippers?' she asked. 'I call them house shoes - and I'm wearing them on the streets of New York,' the Texas native added, the irony not lost on her. If Bush Hager was hoping for a definitive answer, she didn't get one. Commenters were divided over whether they were slippers or house shoes.

Named Arcadia - after the mythical 'Heaven on Earth' of Ancient Greek legend - the sumptuous two-seater roadster has taken four years to create for one of the richest people in the world.

Incredible story of how Himmler's masseur - who was nicknamed the Magic Buddha and went on

On February 3, 1945, Heinrich Himmler's (pictured right) enormous, bear-like masseur, Felix Kersten (left), sent his secretary Frau Wacker to Himmler's headquarters north of Berlin with an urgent message: please could the SS chief Himmler be good enough to sign a stay of execution for the dissident Major Theodor Steltzer, who was due to be executed in prison the following morning?


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Gymnast sensation Olivia Dunne reveals why she and Paul Skenes are a 'very good match' as she lifts the lid on their romance

Olivia Dunne has opened up on her relationship with MLB prospect Paul Skenes and why she believes they are a 'very good match' as a couple. Dunne and Skenes, both 21, first went public with their romance back in August after the LSU gymnastics sensation was spotted attending some of his baseball games for minor-league team the Bradenton Marauders. Since then their relationship has gone from strength to strength, with the lovebirds recently enjoying a trip to New York during the holidays.

On Thursday, the 25-year-old rode a white horse and wore an all-white outfit to match as he arrived at the Avalon Hollywood and Bardot for the second leg of their press tour.

Is this the end of the bra? The intriguing reason the Paris catwalks were sheer madness

This wasn't just any sheer. This was extreme sheer: a selection of transparent bustiers, blouses and halternecks, all worn without a bra. Sheer terror, if you will - for most women, at least. As an exercise in craftsmanship, the Saint Laurent collection was successful. As an exercise in body diversity, it was less so. Despite the fashion industry's promise to be more inclusive, there has been little evidence of real change at this Paris Fashion Week. Paris has always been the city most wedded to the ideal of the ultra-skinny model. According to the curve model Felicity Hayward, whose 'Including the Curve' initiative tracks size inclusivity across the four major fashion capitals of New York, London , Milan and Paris, Paris ranks last, with only 28 plus-size models appearing on the catwalk last season, out of an estimated 4,000 looks shown. Judging by the collections unveiled so far, this season the number looks set to be even lower. At the Chloe and Saint Laurent shows, as well as the show for Swedish brand Acne Studios, not only did the models have to be as slender as a reed: they also had to pass the pencil test - that schoolgirl measure of breast size most of us haven't thought about since we were 13.