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America's bank branch bloodbath continues: Wells Fargo shutters 15 locations while Bank of

Banks filed to close 24 branches last week - and to open just two - as part of an ongoing scramble to eliminate costly brick and mortar banking locations. Wells Fargo notified its regulator of 15 planned closures, including three in Florida and two in California, Georgia and New Jersey.

Nearly half of US companies intend to eliminate bachelor degree requirements for some job positions next year, a new survey has revealed.

Government-backed lenders will offer $1 million mortgages in more US cities from next year as house prices reach record highs.

Home sales fell in October to their lowest level on record, declining at a faster rate than during the 2008 housing collapse, new figures show.

Coca-Cola is the best large company to work for in the US, according to a new study of 4.72 million American workers.

Newly minted billionaires acquired more money through inheritance than entrepreneurship last year, new data shows.

Lego founder's great granddaughter - who is one of the richest women in the world and

One of the billionaire heirs to the Lego fortune has sold shares in the company's family firm for about $930 million, or 6.32 billion kroner. Sofie Kirk Kristiansen, 47, is the great-granddaughter of founder Ole Kirk Kristiansen, who established the Danish toymaker in 1932, and a close friend of Princess Mary of Denmark. Sofie sold 4 million shares in company Kirkbi A/S, which controls 75 percent of The Lego Group, for about 158,000 kroner a piece, according to a filing with the Danish company register reported by Bloomberg.

According to analysis from Republican members of the US Senate Joint Economic Committee, Colorado residents are being forced to fork out an extra $14,995 a year - the highest of any state.

America's student loan timebomb: These are the states where college graduates have the

Borrowers in Maryland are facing the highest student debt, at an average of $43,116, according to data from higher education organization Degree Choices. Maryland residents owe almost 44 percent more than those living in North Dakota, who have the lowest debt owed, at an average of $30,000 per borrower. Degree Choices analyzed data from the Office of Federal Student Aid - while also considering each state's average cost of college, typical earnings of bachelor's degree graduates and the percentage of the population with a degree. Around 44 million Americans owe a combined $1.7 trillion in student debt, according to the Federal Reserve.


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How to max out your tax benefits before the end of the year: Experts explain the perks you

Tax season may not officially start until 2024, but there are still plenty of tax-saving steps which can be taken before December 31. Federal tax returns and payments are due on April 15, 2024. If you are hoping to shrink your bill before the April deadline or receive a bigger refund, experts urge taxpayers to utilize planning strategies sooner rather than later. Some benefits are subject to a 'use-it-or-lose-it' rule, which means they must be taken advantage of before the end of the year or they will be lost forever.

Workers need up to hundreds of thousands more dollars in their retirement pots to have the same quality of life they would have had pre-Covid, an economist has warned.

Some 24 percent of married couples are not maximizing the 401(K) matching scheme offered by their employer - and are missing out on an average of $700 a year in retirement contributions.

Many Americans dream of the day they can give up work for good. But for many that dream is stretching further and further away.

Rampant inflation and ongoing economic uncertainty have caused the average American's 401(K) balance to plummet 4 percent, new analysis shows.

Just one in ten Americans has the 'optimal' characteristics to build a good retirement nest egg, a new study has shown.

The survey comes after a rocky year for stock markets, and millions of Americans have seen their 401(k) plans and other savings hit just as they were readying for their golden handshake.

US home prices hit ANOTHER record in September, rising for the eighth straight month -

Prices increased 0.7 percent from August, according to the S&P CoreLogic Case-Shiller US National Home Price Index - the leading measure of US house prices. It means year-on-year properties have gone up by 3.9 percent, the Case-Shiller data showed. It is an acceleration on price rises from August, when the average US home went up by 2.6 percent year on year. Mortgage rates climbed above 7 percent in September , and historically low inventory pushed up prices. Home prices also shot to all-time highs in Atlanta, Boston, Charlotte, Chicago , Cleveland, Detroit, Miami, New York, Tampa, and Washington, the data revealed.

Crippling US mortgage rates are forcing estranged couples to stay together after they

Eye-watering rates which peaked at almost eight percent last month mean divorced couples are now facing the prospect of forking out hundreds or in some cases thousands more dollars per month simply to get away from their ex partner. Soon-to-be-divorced couple Danielle and Michael Tantone (pictured left) opted to stay in their Mesa, Arizona home (pictured right) for months after their split because neither could afford to buy it out.

America's real estate landscape is undergoing a radical transformation that could change how residents buy and sell homes forever.

Three percent of all homes sold in the US between May and July made a net loss, thanks to high interest rates and an exodus of workers returning to the office.

The fall in prices is welcome news for renters - driven by below-normal demand, increased inventory and a return to seasonal price trends which typically see costs decrease in the fall.

This is a stark contrast from 40 years ago, when the portion of single women and men buying homes was roughly the same - at 11 percent and 10 percent respectively.

The analyst said younger Millennials and Gen Z - who she calls the 'avocado toast generation' - have missed out on $21 trillion in equity which older generations have built in home ownership.

The share of US homes that are owned outright increased by 5 percent over ten years to an all-time high.

As Charlie Munger dies at 99, these are the simple investing rules Warren Buffett's

Investment titan Charlie Munger, the longtime business partner of Warren Buffett, died on Tuesday aged 99. Berkshire Hathaway, the firm which the pair ran, announced he had passed away 'peacefully' in a California hospital. Here are the core tenets of his investment philosophy. Although sometimes deemed contentious, they made him one of the most successful investors in American history. Earlier this year, he was worth an estimated $2.6 billion, according to Forbes - having earned a large fortune even before he teamed up with Buffett in the 1960s - but most of his financial wisdom is simple, clear and valuable for everyday investors.

The dollar index slid 3.6 percent through November 28, which is the sharpest monthly drop since it fell 5 percent in November 2022.

Bank of America has predicted the Federal Reserve will finally ease interest rates starting in the middle of next year, and benchmark borrowing costs will end 2024 below 5 percent.

Previously struggling sectors of the stock market are now rebounding to help drive a year-end rally.

The stock trading app, made famous by the GameStop craze , will now pay subscription members a 5 percent annual percentage yield on uninvested cash.

Baby boomers say they'd be happy on a $124,000 salary - but millennials say they'd need to

A new poll has revealed how much money each age group needs to be happy - with millennials reporting an average salary of half a million dollars each year. About six in 10 Americans believe money can buy happiness, according to a poll from financial services firm Empower. Median household income in the United States is about $74,000 annually, but respondents said they'd need to earn roughly $284,000 each year to feel content. The majority of respondents said the ability to pay bills on time and live without debt contributes tremendously to their overall satisfaction.

Is now the time to invest in luxury assets? Cost of used Rolexes has fallen to two-year lows while polished diamonds have dropped 20% - but experts urge caution against scooping up goods while they're cheap

During the years of Covid-19 lockdowns, demand surged for designer handbags, precious jewelry, fine wines and pre-owned timepieces as stuck-at-home shoppers found themselves with excess capital to splurge on luxury goods. But as interest rates hover at 22-year highs amid lingering inflation, and households are increasingly feeling the pinch, the luxury surge seems to be slowing - and bringing down the value of items with it. The price of used Rolex and Patek Philippe watches fell to fresh two-year lows last month amid rising supply and waning demand. Prices for wholesale polished diamonds have tumbled by around 20 percent this year, according to Bloomberg. Amid the global slowdown, is now the time to scoop up luxury assets while they're cheap?

A sweeping rule change to taxes imposed on income generated through payment apps such as PayPal and Venmo has been delayed, officials confirmed.

Sephora has become the latest store to lock up its products in a bid to stave off rising theft rates.

The Canadian investor and entrepreneur, who has an estimated net worth of $400 million, said his extended family come to him for money all the time, and it can become a complex issue.

Psychologists increasingly emphasize that emotions like sadness, anger and fear have powerful effects on consumer decisions.

America's combined household debt shot up by $228 billion to $17.3 trillion in the third quarter of the year, new figures showed today.

A new study has unveiled the Powerball numbers which are the most likely - and the least likely - to guarantee a jackpot win.

As other major chains are beginning to see consumers cut back as the cost of living rises, the Seattle-based coffee shop appears to be going from strength to strength.

The billion dollar reason YOUR catalytic converter was stolen: How underground crime rings

Motorists are thought to be losing around 600,000 catalytic converters to thieves each year. But have they ever wondered just where the devices end up? For years, mystery has shrouded widespread theft of the car parts - which are designed to reduce the amount of harmful pollutants a vehicle emits and made from precious metals such as rhodium, platinum and palladium. A new investigation has dismantled the billion-dollar theft epidemic of catalytic converters which are stolen by crime rings, recycled and sold back to the very people who produce the devices for carmakers. It results in an endless cycle of metals being mined and sold to auto suppliers only to be stolen by thieves, recycled and sold back to metal refiners.

Ford has said it will postpone $12billion of investment into EVs because its current generation of electric cars is facing a 'challenging market'.

New cars are increasingly holding their value as demand for used vehicles has spiked, a study has found.

Motorists are defaulting on their car loan payments at the highest rate in nearly 30 years, new figures show.

Cheap flights in time for the holidays! Average domestic airfare for Thanksgiving falls by

Travelers heading home for the holidays will finally have some respite from ultra-expensive airfares this year as prices have plummeted, new data shows. The cost of a domestic flight this Thanksgiving is $248, down 9 percent on last year and 10 percent from 2019, according to travel app Hopper. For Christmas, Americans face paying $313 for a domestic flight on average, a fall of 18 percent from last year and 15 percent below 2019 prices. Inflation figures from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics released today observed a similar trend. The cost of airfare fell by 13.2 percent between October 2022 and October 2023, the data shows.

Airbnb has announced a series of changes to its ratings and reviews pages - including highlighting listings which have received top scores and more information about past guests.

Consumer complaints about airlines nearly doubled in the first three months of this year compared to the same period in 2022 - and kept soaring in April and May.

United Airlines is tweaking its frequent flyer program to rewards it biggest spenders, the carrier has confirmed.