How To Power Up Gravity Drive In Starfield

A powered-up Gravity Drive allows you to jump from one planet to another with a Grav jump.

Starfield gives you the opportunity to travel across vast distances and visit a multitude of systems and planets via Gravity Drives or Jumps.

A Grav Drive allows you to warp to far-away planets and systems by ‘jumping’ from one area of space to another.

In this guide, we’ll be going over how you can perform a Grav jump in Starfield to cover long distances, including how to allocate power efficiently, and finally how to increase the range of your Grav Jumps. Additionally, we’ll also be going over what to do when Grav Jumps doesn’t work in Starfield.

How to Grav Jump in Starfield?

To Grav Jump in Starfield, you first need to open your star map. Next, select the system or planet you want to travel to, and hit the fast travel option. After which you’ll get an option to Grav Jump.

Grav jump requires you to allocate power from the rest of your ship to the Grav drive. Not having sufficient power means you will not be able to perform this feat.

How to power up your Gravity Drive in Starfield

When you need to make a Grav Jump in Starfield, you’ll have to allocate most of the power of your ship to your Grav drive. On your HUD, the meters on the bottom left-hand side of your screen show how much power is being allocated to different parts of your ship.


Select the GRV section of your control panel and use your arrow keys for PC, or your analogue stick/D-pad if you are playing on Xbox Series X or using a controller.

Allocate as much power as you can spare on your GRV. The more power you allocate, the faster your Gravity Drive System will charge in Starfield. 

Since you don’t need to engage in combat when traveling the best course of action is to take power from your weapons and shield and feed them into the Grav Drive.

Once you are satisfied with how much power you want to put in your Gravity Drive System, confirm it and this will charge right up. The more power you have the farther you can jump. A lower power input means you won’t be able to travel to your desired location in one single jump.

You can Grav Jump while you’re in combat as well but in order to do this, you must first select a mission or quest that is far away from you’re currently in battle. Then, use your scanner and make the jump. 

How to fix Grav Jump Pending

In some cases, when you’re ready to perform a Grav Jump it may say “Grav Jump pending’ on the bottom left side of your screen. This problem arises when you don’t have enough power in your Grav Drive to perform your intended jump. Simply allocate more power to make the jump.

The more power you assign to your Grav drive, the faster you will be to make the jump and the farther you’ll be able to travel. If you’re unsatisfied with how far you can jump in Starfield, you can increase your Grav Jump Range

How to increase Grav jump range in Starfield

To increase the distance/thrust of your ship, you can upgrade or downgrade a number of facets of your ship. The most obvious way is to upgrade your Gravity Drive in Starfield, however, the mass of your ship also affects how far you can jump as well as the fuel. We recommend getting a good reactor for your ship so you can install all the parts we list below. To improve your Grav jump range you can do the following:

Upgrade your Grav Drive

The most obvious and easiest way to upgrade your Grav Jump thrust in Starfield is to upgrade your Grav Drive. To do this, simply head to a ship technician on any planet and ask them to upgrade your ship.

Here you can buy a new Grav drive and change and add it to your ship. Grave Drives are measured in LY (Light Years), the higher the LY the farther you can jump and the faster the drive will charge.

Some of the best Grav Drives in the game include; the J-52 Gamma Drive, Apollo GV300 Grav Drive, SGD 3300 Grav Drive, and the RD-3000 Beta Grav Drive.

Upgrade your Fuel Capacity

Another way in which you can increase your ship’s Grav Jump distance/range is to increase its helium fuel supply. This basically allows for your ship to jump long distances without having to stop in between to refuel, thus increasing the range.

Like the Grav Drive, the helium fuel capacity can be upgraded by any ship technician on any planet. Simply approach them and ask them to upgrade your ship, next upgrade the fuel capacity.

The best helium fuel tanks include the 900T He3 Tank, M50 Ulysses He3 Tank, 800T He3 Tank, and the 700T He3 Tank.

Change your Engine

The Engine is one of the heaviest components of your ship and while they do make your ship more effective during combat and improve handling and thrusting, the high mass means that it will drag down your ship’s Grav Jump capabilities.

This is a double-edged sword and you’ll definitely be making some trade-offs here. The best thing to do is to find a good balance between weight and functionality. Some of the best functional yet relatively low-mass engines include the Ares DT60, Amun-7, and SA-4330.

Change your Cargo Hold

Like the engine on your ship, the cargo hold also adds a significant amount of mass to your ship which negatively affects the amount of light years your ship can jump.

Make sure you have a cargo hold that does not have a lot of mass. A higher mass does equal more space but there are many alternatives you can adopt in this situation to free up some mass on your ship including buying properties with storage spaces.

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